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Pool Fencing Australian Standards


The standards cover the design, construction and performance of fences that restrict the access of young children to swimming pools.

All our pool fences comply with the strength and design aspect of the standard.

We also need to consider the placement of the fence at your house to ensure that it complies with the standard.


Some key Pool Fencing aspects of the Australian Swimming Pool Standards are:

  • The fence must be at least 1200mm high measured from the ground;

  • The pool gates must swing away from the pool and have self closing hinges, self latching and have child resistant latches;

  • There must be a clear span of at least 1200mm from the top of the fence outside the pool area;

  • There must be at least 900mm between any horizontal rails;

  • The maximum gap in or under the fence is 100mm

DIY Aluminium Flat Top Pool Safe Fencing

Supply Only

Delivery within Sydney is $180

Black Flat Top - Pool Safe

Black Flat Top Fence.jpg
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