Colorbond Fencing

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the processes involved in getting a new fence built?  Send us the dimensions, we will respond with an instant fence price, or you can use our instant price calculator. You than can accept the quote or ask for an onsite visit. We lock in a starting time and call you the day before starting.

  • Why are our prices so competitive? We specialize in Colorbond fencing. For over 10 years. We use large fencing suppliers with good pricing. 

  • When can you start building the fence? Within 1 to 2 weeks from an accepted date.

  • How high can I build my new Colorbond fence? The standard height is 6 foot, 1.8 meters. Fencing is also available in 1.5m, 2.1m and 2.4m heights.

  • Do the Gates come with a lock? Yes, all gates come with a standard D-Latch which can be paddled on one side. The Double Gates also come with a Drop Lock. A Key Lock is an addition cost and is not standard with any gates.

  • Can I extend the height of my exisitng Colorbond fence? What height options do the Insert Height Extensions come in? 300mm or 600mm. If you use sheeting we can make it any desired height.

  • How long does it take for Custom Height Extension panels to be available? Generally within 1 to 2 weeks from ordering the fencing material.

  • What comes in a Height Extension Panel? 2 Cpost extensions, 1 Rail, 1 Insert and Coloured Tek Screws.

  • What Cpost extension profile do you supply? 

  • Do you build Retaining walls? Yes, we build treated pine timber sleeper retaining walls (H4 Standard) . The sleepers are 2.4m in length, 200mm in height and 50mm wide.

  • Can the fence be 2 different colours? Yes we can double the fence to have a different colour sheeting only. The frame will be the same colour on both sides. 

  • Can I backfill the fence boundary with smalll rocks or gravel? Do not back fill the fence line/ boundary with loose gravel. It does not support the concreted posts. The ground around the concreted posts needs to be compacted to support the fencing.

  • What Colours are available? All Colorbond fencing colours are available, including Bowral Brown & Black Sheets. 

  • What to do if you have small dogs? If you have small dogs we can lower the bottom rail of the fence to block any gaps.

  • Do I need council approval for my new fencing? Not if it is 1.8m. Only if the new fence is higher than 1.8m.

  • How do I pay for the fencing? Cash, Bank Transfer or Credit Card Payment.

  • Our operating times? What days do we work?  7 days a week. We generally can not build in heavy rain.

  • Are you open on public holidays? Yes open public holidays.

  • My property is heritage listed can I build Colorbond fencing and Gates? You will need council approval. Once full payment has been done. We can send an application code for the 10 year manufacturers warranty.

  • What are the prohibited times to use powertools? Mon-Fri Not Before 7am and not after 8pm. Weekends and Public Holidays Not beore 9am and not after 8pm.

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