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Welcome to Fencing.Sydney

We only build with Authentic Colorbond Steel made by Bluescope Steel Australia. We listen to our customers to understand their Colorbond fencing project and deliver the right solutions on time at great prices, supported by experienced advice. Contact our office for a Colorbond fence price. We would be delighted to complete your fencing project. Whether your fencing needs are for a home, commercial or industrial premises. No matter how big or small your fencing project may be. We will provide you with a free fencing quote. We are fully insured and licensed for your peace of mind and our work is guaranteed to ensure your complete satisfaction. We offer Pensioner discounts. 
We are happy to answer any fencing questions.  

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Our Fencing Services

PART_1572255603846 (1).jpeg

Colorbond Fencing 
& Colorbond Gates

raylene craig h ext.jpg

Colorbond Fencing with
Louvre Top Inserts

Optimized- h ext louvre.png

Existing Colorbond Fence
Height Extension with
Louvre Inserts

h ext.jpeg

Existing Colorbond Fence Height Extension with 
Sheet Inserts

flat top - Copy.jpg

Black Flat Top Fencing
Aluminium or Steel


Horizontal Slat Fencing
& Horizontal Slat Gates


Treated Pine Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall


Foliage Clearing & Removal
Small Tree Removal

received_209796364139752 (1).jpeg

Lap & Cap
Timber Fencing lattice Colorbond Fence logo.png

Colorbond Fencing with 
Lattice Top Inserts


Existing Colorbond Fence
Height Extension with 

Lattice Inserts

Optimized- slat gate 1.jpg

Colorbond, Timber, Slat, Louvre, Pool Gates
Single or Double Gates

security gate 5.jpeg

Security Fencing


Louvre Fencing
& Louvre Gates


Aluminium Sleeper Retaining Walls

images (3).jpg

Concrete Cutting &
Diamond Core Drilling

timber fencing with logo .jpg

Single Paling
Timber Fencing

slat insert Colorbond fencing 2.JPG

Colorbond Fencing with 
Slat Top Inserts

slat insert.jpg

Existing Colorbond Fence
Height Extension with 

Slat Inserts colorbond gates (68).JPG

Sliding Gates
Automatic & Manual
All Gate Styles


Pool Fencing
Garden Fencing

garend fencing - Copy.png

Vertical Picket Fencing
& Vertical Picket Gates (41).JPG

Demolish & Removal of Existing Fencing


Fence & Gate Repairs
Storm Insurance Repairs

  • If you would like to proceed with our quote. We can arrange a free onsite visit & give an estimated starting date.​


  • The starting date is subject to the weather.

  • We only use Genuine Colorbond Steel (BlueScope Steel Aust) which has lasered insignia embossed into each panel.​​​


  • All Colours are the Same Cost & choosing a different colour frame to the sheeting is the same cost.​


  • ​​Every Colorbond Post is set 600mm deep into the soil and at least one full 20 kg Bag of Concrete is used for each hole.​


  • Colorbond Fencing can be built up to 2.4m in height.​


  • Heritage Listed Buildings need Council Approval to build Colorbond Fencing.

  • We can remove an existing Brick Wall.​​


  • We can Double Sheet the New Fence or Lattice, making different coloured sheeting or Lattice on either side. The frame (Posts & Rails) will be the same colour on both sides.


  • It will take approximately 1 to 2.5 days to build a New Colorbond Fence, 30m in length including demolition

     & removal of the existing fencing.  


  • A Treated Pine Timber Sleeper Retaining Wall will be needed if your ground level is different to the neighbouring property. It is built directly beneath the New Colorbond Fence. The Treated Pine Timber Sleepers we build with are all H4 Standard.


  • ​​​A Pool Fence must have no more than a 10cm gap between the bottom of the fence & the ground. (Your local Council may have different fence height  



  • A Pool Gate must be self closing & open away from the Pool area.


Colorbond Fencing Components

How to prove the fencing is genuine Colorbond by the Signa on each Colorbond Sheet
Architectural Drawing of a Colorbond Fence with Louvre Inserts
Pool Fence Saftey information Guide


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